Gelatin is a product of partial hydrolysis of animal collagen that makes up majority of their skins andbones, using acid or alkali treatment.

Gelatin is considered a natural active ingredient and consists of 85-92% protein, the remainder being moistureand some minerals.

Our Gelatinis free from any additives and preservatives.

Gelatin is made up of 18 to 20 amino acids, depending on the treatment process. Of the 9 essentialamino acids, only tryptophan is absent in gelatin, making it a great source of proteins.

Gelatin has two groups of functional properties:

  • Gelling properties:

Gel formation / Texturizing / Thickening / Water binding

  • Surface effects properties:

Emulsion formation and stabilization / Protective colloid function / Foam formation and stabilization /Filmformation / Adhesive property